Something extraordinary is about to wow the estate agent marketplace

We have been collaborating with Sellers and Agents who want to see a substantial change in the way property is Bought and Sold in the UK!

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Our Services Will Change a Marketplace.

*Something is wrong in the online estate agency market and we are launching The People's Estate Agent systems to help Sellers, Buyers and Agents.

Concept & Strategy

We're delivering real change in property

Something that benefits Sellers, Buyers and Agents using our systems.

Why Are We Different?

Our estate agency network offers exciting new systems to the residential and commercial properties market, including "LIVE" auction in real-time.

Delivering Success

By way of our national portal and associated websites, portals like Rightmove and Zoopla as well as social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, and Google.

Customer Experience Design

We're thinking about users

Our products are not only about changing the current market. They're about ease-of-use, while delivering a new and user-friendly customer experience.

Software design is a way of thinking

A successful company must first match and then better what's available. While adding new services that ignite a marketplace.

Interactive Product Development

Easy to use interfaces for every platform

Not only do we have a new and exciting business model for the property market, we have the software systems to seemlessly integrate with every third-party application.

Responsive Design

A successful website must be responsive on all devices and we have ensured our technology leads the field in this area.

Third-party Integration

Rightmove and Zoopla are important but as we intend to be a market leader, we have taken this several stages further.


Our primary income is from fees as we guide our clients sale from instructon to completion but BOMH (does not) end there.

Additional Revenue

Add to this legal fees, mortgage commisions, loans, third-party advertising. We even move our customers to their new home!

Startup Support

It's about making things happen!

We will launch systems that will radically change the face of estate agency for the better and will quickly gain market share. Taking the sales market to another level.

Market Ready

We have developed our systems to almost market readiness and investment is required to bring support staff and complete the team. We offer our investors the opportunity to become part of a market leader.

Our Place

Investment is also required to bring the team together in a central office to ensure everything is in place as we prepare for our business launch.

Spells Success

Launch date September 2016

With your help everything will be in place for the glorious 1st and Bid On My House will explode onto the UK sales marketplace.

Launch Pad

We have invested heavily in the business:
We have a great team just raring to go.
We have unique, bespoke software systems.
And the strongest domain name for this type of business.

*Importantly we have a strong business model for a ready-made and waiting market that will grow rapidly.

Expansion Plans

As we believe online property auctions will be a major part of not just the UK but the International property sale market, we intend to expand as part of our future development in 2018.

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Yes Please

Turning a Concept into a Success Story

Everyone does buying and selling. NOW it's time for Buying, Selling and Real-Time Property Auctioning to dynamically change the marketplace.

Our Sellers

Our sellers view the pricing options and select a service that suits. They enter property details, make payment and you are on your way to selling your house with BOMH. Our seller and agent then 'work together' to manage the sale, the viewings, receive offers and liaise with buyers. All via our sophisticated, state of the art, online system.

Our Local Agents

Our local agent will photograph, measure and compile property details. This is uploaded to our website where you can check and amend the details. We will then upload your property to the UK's top portals and monitor your properties performance. Alerting you by text and email when there are new activities on your account!

Our Real-Time Auctions

Estate agents can't match our "WORLD-FIRST" property system where clients set a reserve. We will inform everyone who viewed the home online, plus those who've made an offer (or) clients who have registered an interest in the home type that the property WILL BE SOLD at our virtual auction. Driving further interest and a better sale price!

Video marketing is important

Bid On My House's systems, features and clean, clutter-free interfaces will set new industry standards.

The first of many marketing videos that will be used throughout our portal, in our 'video vaults directory' and associated linked websites, explaining the many benefits of Bid On My House that will drive traffic to us. These videos will also be published on social networking sites like Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and professional profile networking sites including LinkedIn.

What Testers Are Saying About Us

Meet happy people and find why our Systems are the preferred choice.

My personal control panel was really easy to use and being able to instantly update when I would be available for viewings rather than waiting for a call from an agent was brilliant. Better still, being able to receive requests by text alert and still have my personal local agent on hand to answer questions and help with all aspects of my sale - Surely everyone will want to use Bid On My House?

Carol Kirkpatrick Tester - Glasgow

I've worked for one of the competitors and expected to be critical but I have to say the CMS is user-friendly, comprehensive and BOMH have various USP's over the current market offerings. Their 'Offers Over' pricing drives a best price ethic and elimates haggling but to then have the ability to go to auction based on previous offers made is potentially - a Game-Changer!!

Kenny Riley Systems Analyst London

I'm busy and have properties to sell and I was very surprised to see how much could be done, from changes to my ad and having direct access to people who were interested in my property. To manage viewings, receive offers and liaise with buyers via their online system and be alerted by text and email when there is any new activity on my account were things I hadn't seen before.

Jonathan Thomson Investor and Enterpreneur

Our Founders but More to Come

We have one of the best and most experienced core teams in the marketplace and we have more people are waiting to come on board to drive a market leader.

Paul Fieldson

Co-Founder & Managing Director

He likes to keep things simple and focus on details. Paul's vision is the BOMH venture.

Jim McIlroy

Co-Founder and CEO

He loves trying out new techniques and finding the solution for any kind of requirements.

Anita Johnson

Technical and Finance Director

A tech guru with an accountancy background, she heads the team (and) crunches the numbers.




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